• Added two new views rows and columns to the BeautifulTable class. Most of the existing methods have been deprecated. Methods of the form {}_row and {}_column have been moved to views rows.{} and columns.{}``(ex. ``append_row is now rows.append). Calling older deprecated methods will now raise a FutureWarning. Special methods such as __len__, __iter__, etc. have also been moved to the respective views. For details, refer the API documentation and the Updated Tutorial
  • The existing styling attributes have also been deprecated. A new border property can be accessed to control all styling attributes affecting the border. Rest of the attributes can be accessed from it’s respective view.
  • Added support for row headers. As a result rows can now be accessed by their keys similar to columns
  • Added two new methods to_csv and from_csv to directly export/import to a csv file. (Thanks to @dinko-pehar)
  • Added BeautifulTable.rows.filter method to generate a new table with only certain rows
  • Added a new shape attribute to the BeautifulTable class which returns a tuple of form (nrow, ncol)
  • Added new attribute BeautifulTable.columns.header.alignment which can be used to have a seperate header alignment. The default behaviour is to inherit BeautifulTable.columns.alignment
  • Updated BeautifulTable.rows.sort (earlier BeautifulTable.sort) method to now also accept any callables as a key.
  • Updated behaviour of BeautifulTable.columns.width (earlier BeautifulTable.column_widths). It no longer overrides user specified widths by default. You can reset it to default by setting it to “auto”
  • Deprecated attribute serialno and serialno_header. User can now easily implement this functionality by using row headers if required
  • Deprecated methods get_table_width(), copy() and get_string().
  • Deprecated constructor arguments and class attributes named sign_mode, numeric_precision, max_width and renamed to sign, precision and maxwidth respectively
  • Fixed an issue where table was malformed if blessings module was used to generate colored strings.
  • Fixed issues with the existing implementation of __iter__, __copy__ and __deepcopy__ which should now work more reliably.
  • Fixed an issue where default padding could not be set to 0. (Thanks to @furlongm)
  • Fixed several memory leak issues by ensuring that all internal objects hold only a weak reference to the table instance.
  • Dropped support for Python 2


  • Dropped support for Python 3.3
  • Added support for streaming tables using a generator for cases where data retrieval is slow
  • Alignment, padding, width can now be set for all columns using a simplified syntax like table.column_alignments = beautifultable.ALIGN_LEFT


  • wcwidth is now an optional dependency
  • Updated the algorithm for calculating width of columns(better division of space among columns)
  • Added support for Paragraphs(using \n character)
  • Added finer control for intersection characters using 12 new attributes intersect_{top|header|row|bottom}_{left|mid|right}
  • Added the ability to also accept bytestrings instead of unicode
  • Deprecated attribute intersection_char
  • Deprecated methods get_top_border(), get_bottom_border(), get_header_separator(), get_row_separator(), auto_calculate_width()
  • Fixed an issue with WEP_ELLIPSIS and WEP_STRIP when using multibyte characters
  • Fixed an issue where table would not be in proper form if column_width is too low


  • Added support for handling Multi byte strings
  • Added support for colored strings using ANSI escape sequences
  • Added constraint where all strings must be unicode
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes width was calculated as higher than intended


  • Added support for handing color codes using ANSI escape sequences(experimental)
  • Fixed collections ABCs deprecation warning


  • Added new style STYLE_NONE
  • Fixed issue regarding improper conversion of non-string floats


  • Added detect_numerics boolean for toggling automatic numeric conversion


  • Added new property serialno_header
  • Deprecated methods with misspelled “seperator” in their name.
  • Fixed an issue where table was corrupted when column_count was too high


  • Added predefined styles for easier customization
  • Added reverse argument to sort() method
  • Fixed enum34 dependency for python versions prior to 3.4


  • Added property serialno for auto printing serial number
  • Fixed an issue with sign_mode related to str conversion
  • Fixed bugs related to python version prior to 3.3
  • Fixed exception on WEP_ELLIPSIS and token length less than 3
  • Fixed printing issues with empty table


  • Added python 2 support


  • Fixed minor issues


  • Added new property default_padding
  • Added new method update_row
  • Fixed an issue in auto_calculate_width()


  • Initial release on PyPI